Beehive Scale

The bScale consists of two tracks and communicates straight with your Smartphone through a SIM included for 10 years without fees or renewals.

It carries out four weighings a day!

You will be able to set the time of the last daily  weighing and to customize the thresholds of the parameters through your app, independently monitoring the data collected.

When the set thresholds are exceeded, you will receive an e-mail notification.

The app can be downloaded for free on smartphones, tablets and computers.

bScale Plus, the scale totally wireless!


Power Supply 7,2 Volt
Data Transmission 2G Quad-band GSM / GPRS module
Material Aluminium/Steel (baked painting)
Battery Charge 8.4 Volt battery charger
Battery Life 30 months (*)
Operating temperature – 20 + 60 °C (**)
Recommended storage – 20 + 30 °C
Measured parameters Net Weight – Gross Weight Trend – Weight Change
Packaging Cardboard

(*) According to usage type.

(**) Optimal working temperature -10 +40 °C

Weight 7,4 kg
Dimensions 640 × 70 × 70 mm
Additional information

The bScale is totally wireless!

Maximum capacity:

Up to 800 kg
It weighs from 1 to 6 hives in a row

Battery life:

12 months



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