“bHub Plus”

Designed for beekeeping, bHub Plus is a data concentrator that generates alarms relating to the health of your hives and sends notifications to your smartphone via email and text message when changes occur in relation to the pre-set parameters

You will receive alarms on your smartphone and you will read notifications in the web app whenever:

An attempt to steal your hive is detected

Your hive suffers an overturn

Your hive is moved

There is a variation in the degree of humidity compared to the ideal one as stated in the parameters

An anomaly occurs in relation to the set temperature parameters

There is a variation in weight with respect to the parameters set


The quick and easy connection

Turn on bHub by connecting the battery
Set bHub in the hive
Download the app on your Home
Enter your credentials
Get h24 infos straight from your hive


- Log in with your credentials to the state of the hive via browser (Chrome or Safari)
- Through your Web App you can always access and download the data collected in the last 7 days.
- Remotely monitor temperature, humidity, motion and tracking
- The system sends notifications via email and text message straight to your device

The Arnia Perfetta System will protect the colonies of your apiary with constant monitoring of the state of health, allowing the beekeeper to start the new production season with strong families.




Made in Italy
Greater coverage of the apiary at the lowest cost
Open system in constant evolution and implementation
Data trend of the last 7 days
Green System
Completely wireless system and easy to move around once you're in the apiary

What they say about Arnia Perfetta

"The Arnia Perfetta System is an easy tool to use: the rechargeable battery is excellent, as are the sensors inserted in the frame. The possibility of disassembling them when it comes time to melt the wax from the frame is very useful. The Web-App is very intuitive and smart and the inclusion of the GPS is very important to prevent and possibly recover the hive in case of theft. Filippo- Beekeeper of Azeglio (TO)

What you can do:

You can start using it right away, as the included SIM is already active and requires no registration procedure and no monthly fee for 10 years. The SIM is multi-provider and offers more chances to connect to the GSM / GPRS network.

Constantly monitor the entire apiary, creating a system that communicates with your bHub allowing you to monitor the parameters of temperature, humidity, overturn, motion ... having your hives always at hand on Android, iPhone and PC.

You will no longer have to worry because Arnia Perfetta recognizes anomalous (and dangerous) situations and warns you in time to be able to intervene.

Take advantage of all the updates that will be released without having to disturb your bees, because we will act remotely directly on the devices, with no need for any action on your side.

Avoid thefts! The Arnia Perfetta system is designed to be invisible to the eyes of a thief, without cables or elements outside the frames

Save money! Because Arnia Perfetta is designed to allow you to plan your investments and have complete control on your bees.

Protect the environment. It is our daily commitment, in fact, to try by all means to respect nature by not interfering with the ecosystem.


Buy now!

C.so Vercelli, 117
10015 IVREA (TO)
Sales support
Phone +39 351 6487788
Mail: sales@arniaperfetta.it
Technical assistance
Phone +39 351 7989704
Mail: assistenza@arniaperfetta.it
If you are a professional and are interested in planning a complete system, you can request a free dedicated consultancy from us. Get in touch and we will reply as soon as possible!



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